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Who we are

With the world transitioning towards electric vehicles at an increasingly rapid rate, there is an accelerating demand for accessible charging infrastructure. evec offers an affordable EV charging solution that accommodates everyone from entry-level to luxury electric vehicle owners. 

While we believe that travel should not be at the cost of the planet’s wellbeing, we know that EV’s aren’t a viable financial option for all. That is why at evec, we have made it our mission to remove the barrier to EV ownership by at least providing affordable electric vehicle charging solutions for everyone. 


Resilient and innovative, evec plays a crucial role in the transition to clean energy. We’ve spent our time dedicated to designing and developing a range of discreet, sleek chargers and accessories that not only provide the cheapest and most efficient charging solutions but are also in line with our environmental values. As mapping the road to a greener, cleaner future is paramount to us, we have teamed up with the charity Cool Earth to tackle global deforestation and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Mission

Deliver high-quality, high-performance chargers
Break down barriers to create more accessible charging infastructure
Help reduce the world's carbon footprint