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Affordable charging solutions and expert insights for a sustainable future

Posted by Harrison Thomas on 30th Aug 2023

The mission

At evec, our mission is clear – making electric vehicles (EVs) accessible to everyone by providing the most affordable charging solutions in the UK. As the world works towards long-term sustainability EVs have taken centre stage, highlighting the need for efficient charging infrastructure. We discussed all aspects of EV home charging as well as the exciting future that lies ahead with our partners.

Introducing our premier installers

Stephen, InstallHUB: With 15 years in the sustainability sector, Stephen's passion lies in accelerating EV adoption through innovative solutions.

Andy, Plug In Stations: With three years of experience running Plug In Stations, Andy brings his electrical expertise to the table. He's all about making EV charging accessible to everyone.

John, Ascent Energy Services: With over a decade of experience in the EV industry, John's insights shed light on the evolving landscape of EV charging.

Jordan, EVC: As a part of EVC, Jordan's renewable energy focus highlights the connection between sustainability and EVs.

James, Plug It In: Jordan brings his expertise to the forefront of EV adoption, emphasising practical and forward-thinking approaches.

Chris, Electrofix Group Ltd: With a background in both EV charge point installation and general contracting, Chris offers a well-rounded perspective on the evolving EV landscape.

Sparking change

Why are these experts with evec to talk about EV charging? These five installers are partnering with evec to spearhead a new campaign, offering a fully installed home charger from just £749.99. The goal? To make EV ownership more accessible for everyone.

Charging the future

EV sales increased by over 40% last year, so what is driving the increased demand? When speaking with our premier installers, Andy says it's because people are becoming more environmentally conscious, John highlighted the affordability of second-hand EVs increasing sales, while Jordan highlights the thrill of a better driving experience is convincing people to make the switch. With the effects of the cost-of-living crisis still being felt, Chris says it is “more cost effective to own an EV”, due to the cheaper tariffs at night when using a home charger, and as James points out, the convenience of charging from the comfort of your own home is a game-changer.

Home charging

We asked our experts what the advantages of owning a home charger are when compared to using a public charger. Stephen emphasised the cost savings, stating, "charging your EV at home could cost you £4 on a cheap night-time tariff. It's a game of efficiency, affordability, and accessibility”. Home charging indeed encompasses a range of exciting benefits built to cater to the needs of EV owners. By merging with the established network of public charging stations, it forms a balanced and comprehensive ecosystem that ensures reliable, convenient, and well-rounded charging solutions for every EV driver.

Fuelling excitement

What excites these experts the most about the EV market's trajectory? It's the promise of a future where EVs are possible for everyone. With advancing car and charger technology, longer ranges, and the convenience of home charging, the road ahead looks electrifyingly bright. This is echoed by Jordan from EVC, “You're going to see ranges going up and up and up. They’re going to last longer. More people will realise that charging from home is the way to go and there'll be chargers here, there, and evec will be everywhere”.

As these experts continue to help pave the way towards and cleaner, greener future, the EV revolution is creating an exciting future for the industry.