evec introduces rapid commercial EV charging with the 40kW DC charger vecBOLT

Posted by Yolandé Haynes on 29th May 2024

Power up your business with rapid car charger vecBOLT

With more drivers making the switch to driving electric every day, the demand for fast, convenient charging stations is growing.

That's where the vecBOLT 40kW DC electric vehicle charger comes in. It's not just a charger, it's a business opportunity, a chance to be part of a cleaner future, and the possibility to improve ESG credentials.

It’s a powerful pitstop for drivers on the go, delivering an 80% charge in about an hour, making it the perfect way for customers to top up their batteries while they grab a coffee, do some shopping, or even attend a meeting.

Here’s why businesses should sit up and pay attention:

  • A steady stream of EV-driving customers visiting your business for a quick top up charge brings increased foot traffic and potential sales.
  • Our integrated Payter terminal lets you offer paid charging services. It's a seamless way to generate an extra revenue stream, without lifting a finger.
  • Installing EV chargers can add value to your commercial building, making it more attractive to tenants and buyers.

Choose the charger to meet your needs

Every business has unique charging needs. That's where the EVD-W40-C comes in. This versatile single-point charger is perfect for space-conscious businesses or those with focused EV traffic.

Built to last (and to impress!)

Our chargers include:

  • 40kW DC power output to charge your car, fast!
  • 5m cable so you can park, plug, and power up with plenty of room.
  • Come rain or shine, your charge is fine with IP54 protection.
  • Sleek and modern design to blend seamlessly into your premises with customisation options.

You have questions, we have answers!

What is a DC battery charger?

DC chargers deliver power directly to the car's battery, offering much faster charging speeds compared to standard AC chargers.

How do DC fast chargers work?

They use DC (direct current) electricity, the same type of power your car battery uses. This stops the need for converting the energy type, resulting in significantly faster charging times.

Why 40kW?

Our latest range of chargers offer a perfect balance of speed and value. With a 40kW output, your customers can get a full charge in as little as 1 hour 30 mins. This sweet spot caters to the average dwell time at most commercial locations, ensuring happy customers and efficient charging infrastructure (and increased foot traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction for businesses!)

What kind of cars can use the vecBOLT?

EVs and PHEVs that have a CCS connector are compatible.

Is it expensive to install a charger?

Government grants and incentives can help offset the cost. Plus, the potential increase in foot traffic and revenue makes it a worthwhile investment.

Can I install a DC charger at home?

While it's technically possible, 40kW DC chargers are typically meant for commercial use due to their high-power requirements.

Ready to join the eveclution?

The vecBOLT is more than just good for your company – it's a chance to future-proof your business, attract more customers (and encourage them to stay for longer), and potentially generate additional income. Contact us today to learn more about how the vecBOLT can supercharge your business.