evec’s Essential Easter EV Road Trip Tips

Posted by Yolandé Haynes on 27th Mar 2024

Hitting the road this Easter? Here’s your guide to an easy electric vehicle drive

Thinking of heading across the country for a change of scenery this Easter weekend? You're not alone! With the long weekend fast approaching, many are eager to hit the road for a short getaway.

Having a trusted EV charger you can count on is key, and that's our bread and butter. But a smooth EV adventure goes beyond just finding the nearest charge point. In this blog, we'll be sharing our top tips on planning your Easter holiday, from route optimisation to maximising your battery range. Enjoy a stress-free, egg-cellent journey with these essential tips:

How can you plan your route?

Download an EV charging app like ChargePoint or ZapMap. ZapMap is a popular option which has a comprehensive database of charging stations. These apps show you charger locations, real-time availability (so you never get stuck waiting!), and even factor in charging times to your estimated journey length.

The beauty of electric vehicles is that you can align these charging stops with the usual breaks you'd already take on a long journey. Grab a coffee and pastry, stretch your legs at a park, or pack a picnic – the choice is yours! This way, you make the most of your travel time, arriving refreshed and ready to explore.

And the wait? It might be shorter than you think. While charging times can vary depending on the charger type and your car's battery capacity, some fast chargers can top you up in as little as 15 minutes! That's quicker than a coffee break.

Here's a breakdown of how long a charge might take depending on the charger you use:

Slow charger (3.7kW): Can add up to 15 miles of range in an hour.

Home charger (7kW): Can add up to 30 miles of range in an hour.

Fast charger (22kW): Can add up to 90 miles of range in an hour.

Rapid charger (50kW): Can add up to 90 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Ultra-rapid charger (150kW): Can add up to 200 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Ultra-rapid charger (350kW): Can add over 200 miles of range in just 20 minutes (though few cars can handle this yet).

This information is based on averages and may vary depending on your specific car and circumstances. But as you can see, electric car charging can be much faster than you might think!

Remember: Taking a break every two hours is recommended for driver safety anyway, so why not combine it with a convenient charge?

Do you know your range?

Before you set off, understand the realistic range of your EV under normal driving conditions. Factor in things like weather and motorway speeds when calculating how far you can comfortably travel on a single charge. Unlike a petrol car, it's actually better for your EV battery to charge more frequently for shorter periods. Aim to top up when you hit around 20% battery life, rather than waiting until you're nearly empty. Planning charging stops based on a realistic range (rather than the maximum advertised) can give you peace of mind and prevent range anxiety.

What else should you consider?

Now that you've got the route and charging figured out, here are some additional things to consider for your journey:

Pack your charging cable

This might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised! Double-check you have the right cable for the type of chargers you'll encounter on your trip. In some places, you might even need a universal adapter or a "granny charger" (a charger that fits into a domestic 3-pin plug socket).

Use your regenerative breaking

Regenerative braking helps recapture energy when you slow down or drive downhill, essentially topping up your battery a little bit at a time. It's particularly helpful in stop-and-start traffic or on hilly roads.

Beat the rush

Easter weekend often means busier roads. Consider traveling outside peak hours if possible. This can not only save you time stuck in traffic but also make it easier to find available chargers.

By following these tips and recognising the unique aspects of EV travel, you can ensure your Easter holiday is a stress-free adventure. Ultimately, we hope your Easter holiday is filled with memories and that the journey is as enjoyable as the destination!