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​Make public EV charging simple by following these unwritten rules.

Posted by Harrison Thomas on 3rd Oct 2023

Do you follow the public EV charger etiquette?

New to electric vehicle public charging stations? If you've recently transitioned to an electric vehicle, you may be wondering about the different rules compared to traditional petrol station. Well, we've got you covered with a handy guide to those unwritten rules that make the electric vehicle charging experience more reliable than a freshly charged battery.

Rule #1: Move your car when it's fully charged ⚡

You've plugged in your electric car, and the charging indicator is flashing green signalling that your car's is fully charged - what's next? Well, the answer is simple... move your car! Just like you wouldn't hog the fuel pump after filling your tank, don't keep blocking a charging spot when your battery is good to go. Leave room for others to charge up and go on their way.

Rule #2: Never cancel or unplug others' charging ?

Imagine the frustration of returning to your EV, only to find that a someone has decided to unplug your car, thinking they're doing you a favour. Not cool! Respect the golden rule of electric vehicle charging etiquette: don't mess with someone else's plug. If you see a fellow EV driver having difficulties, lend a hand or offer a friendly word of advice instead.

Rule #3: Extend a helping hand to newbies ?

If you see someone new to the EV game struggling to figure things out, try your best to assist them. A little kindness goes a long way, and who knows, you might make a new EV friend in the process!

Rule #4: Report out-of-order charge points ?

Nobody likes wasting time on a charging station that's not working. If you stumble upon an out-of-order charge point, do your fellow electric vehicle drivers a favour and report it. This helps everyone to have a smooth charge without causing any unnecessary delays.

Rule #5: Cable management is key ✅

Once you've finished charging your electric car, it's time to put everything back in its place neatly. You wouldn’t want to pull up to a public charging point and find it in mess, so don’t do that to others. Coil up the cable, hang it on the hook, and ensure the charging port is clean and ready for the next driver. It's the little things that make a big difference!

Rule #6: Keep it clean ?️

Let's be real, nobody wants to charge their EV in a messy environment. Be sure to dispose of any litter properly. Whether it's an empty coffee cup or a stray crisp packet, do your part in keeping the charging station spotless.

Unwritten rules, no more!

By following these simple yet oh-so-important unwritten rules, you're not just a courteous EV driver, but well-prepared to spread the rules to your friends and family! If you've got any more insider tips to add to our list, don't be shy, share them with us! Together, we'll make the EV charging experience easy for everyone.