A message from our MD addressing Rishi Sunak's 2030 Net Zero pushback

21st Sep 2023

Our Managing Director Tom Bloor has issued the following statement on behalf of evec in response to Rishi Sunak’s announcement about the delay to the 2030 net zero policies:

“This bombshell announcement that the government is to retract on its commitments to the 2030 deadline, sends out a clear message that the UK's commitment to net zero is negotiable.

“It also casts a shadow of doubt over the EV industry which has made so many strides over the past 10 years. This, in turn, serves to diminish public confidence in switching to EV which will have significant consequences for the environment and the EV industry.

“To say that government support is not required for EV adoption to grow is incorrect. EV adoption during the OZEV grant is a testament to this. Rishi’s slopey- shouldering will only serve to delay the UK’s EV adoption.

“One of the key barriers for entry to EV adoption is affordability. The pushback to 2035 could stop the average UK household from making the switch which is even more detrimental in areas where ULEZ has already been rolled out and households were already planning to switch to an affordable EV to give relief to already squeezed households budgets.

“I urge the government to immediately rethink this dangerous and damaging policy u-turn. We are in a climate crisis situation, and such changes are going to not only effective us today, but future generations.”