Is Your Next Car Electric? evec Reviews 5 Contenders Hitting The Road Soon

Posted by Yolandé Haynes on 27th Mar 2024

New EVs you need to know in 2024

Electric cars are getting more and more popular, and 2024 is looking like a great year for new electric vehicles. No matter if you live in a city, need a spacious car, or just love classic styles, there's a new electric car for everyone. Get ready, because we're about to review some of the exciting new EVs that you can expect to see on the road this year.

Vauxhall Corsa Electric YES

Range: Up to 221 miles

Cost: Starting from £26,895

Colours: Record Red, Artic White, Carbon Black, Graphite Grey

Our rating: 4/5

Let's start with the sporty city car, the new Vauxhall Corsa YES. This electric upgrade to the classic Corsa is set to hit the streets from April 17th 2024, with a 221-mile range that is suited for driving about town and running errands without worrying about running out of charge. Starting at a very reasonable price (we're talking around £26,895), the Corsa YES is a great option for first-time EV drivers or those looking for a wallet-friendly electric car. Plus, drivers—well, most drivers—will be able to easily manoeuvre into those tight city parking spaces thanks to its compact size.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Compact size for easy manoeuvring into tight city parking spots!


  • Lower range (221 miles)
  • Limited space due to its compact design

Lotus Emeya

Range: 310-379 miles

Cost: Starting from £94,950

Colours: Kaimu Grey, Stellar Black, Solar Yellow, Akoya White, Fireglow Orange, Boreal Grey

Our rating: 3/5

Now, let's shift gears (pun intended) to something a little more…luxurious. The Lotus Emeya has finally arrived, and this all-electric sports car is sure to be a head-turner. With a claimed range of up to 379 miles and a starting price that reflects its exclusivity (think upwards of £94,950!), it's not for everyone. Its closest competitor, the newly updated Porsche Taycan Turbo, starts at a steeper £134,100. While the Taycan Turbo boasts a slightly longer range of 394 miles, both cars can reach 0-62mph in a neck-breaking 2.7 seconds.


  • Luxurious and sporty design
  • Impressive range (310-379 miles)
  • Exceptionally fast acceleration (0-62mph in 2.7 seconds)


  • Extremely high price tag

Renault 5 E-Tech

Range: Up to 248 miles

Cost: Pricing hasn't been officially announced, but rumours suggest a starting price around £23,400

Colours: Pop Yellow, Pop Green, Midnight Blue, Arctic White, Diamond Black

Our rating: 5/5

Renault brings back a beloved icon with a modern twist. The 100% electric Renault 5 E-Tech retains the car's signature retro design, but adds a future-proof electric drivetrain. Cruising past petrol stations won't be a problem with a projected range of 248 miles, making it desirable for city commutes and even weekend getaways. With its wide colour choice and low starting price, we expect that this one will be a favourite among buyers.


  • Iconic retro design
  • Affordable starting price
  • Wide variety of colours to choose from


  • Limited range (248 miles)

BMW i5 Touring

  • Range: Up to 347 miles
  • Cost: Starting from £69,645
  • Colours: Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Sophisto Grey, Mineral White, Phytonic Blue, Oxide Grey, Cape York Green, Tanzanite Blue
  • Our rating: 3/5

With an impressive 347-mile range, the BMW i5 Touring is a welcome addition to the EV industry and the first real rival of Tesla in the electric estate car market. This spacious and luxurious BMW offers signature performance but comes with a premium price tag starting at £69,645. While it's loaded with features, it might be a steeper climb for first-time EV drivers on a budget.


  • Spacious and luxurious interior
  • Impressive range (347 miles)


  • Premium price tag

BYD Seal

  • Range: Up to 354 miles
  • Cost: Starting from £45,695
  • Colours: Polar White, Space Black, Ice Blue, Atlantis Grey, Indigo Grey, Shadow Green
  • Our rating: 3/5

The BYD Seal arrives as a strong contender against the Tesla Model 3. Starting at £45,695, it has a greater range of up to 354 miles. While the Model 3 remains the market leader, the Seal's longer range and lower price make it an appealing choice for EV drivers looking to get more miles for their money.


  • Strong competitor to Tesla Model 3 with a lower starting price
  • Longer range compared to the Model 3


  • Infotainment is reported to not be intuitive, and actually frustrating at times
  • Heavier than rivals, which impacts its performance

These are just a taste of the exciting new EVs hitting the road in 2024. With options for every budget and lifestyle, there's no better time to join the electric revolution. Remember, wherever the road takes you, we'll be here to make sure you have the power to get there.

Charge up your new EV at home

One of the biggest advantages of owning an electric car is the ability to charge your car at home. This offers a number of benefits over public charging stations, including:

  1. Enjoy the convenience of starting the day with a fully charged car, ready to go. With a home charger, you can save the extra trip to a public charging station and top up your battery overnight.
  2. Home charging typically costs less than using public charging stations. In fact, you can save up to £2,000 a year by charging at home*!
  3. Charging at home gives you more control over your charging schedule (use off-peak electricity tariffs to save even more money!).

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