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Electric and hybrid vehicle chargers are our bread and butter. We’ve spent a lot of time developing a range of discrete, modern-looking chargers which are perfect for installing on homes and businesses alike, whilst always staying true to our values by keeping our prices low so that we can help make the switch to electric vehicles more accessible for all UK drivers. 

In most cases, single-phase charging will be recommended for domestic installation. Our single-phase chargers range from 3.7kW to 7.4kW with an internal switch to flick between the two depending on the desired power. These charging units are available as both tethered and untethered and support Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Built to last, all our EV chargers come with a 2-year warranty, are up to IP65 compliant and can withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to 50°C. Our chargers are Type 2 compatible, so can charge cars, motorbikes, vans, lorries... anything with the corresponding plug and, with an adapter lead, they are also Type 1 compatible. 
Take care of your cable 
Whether you opt for a tethered or untethered charger, we have an accessory to help you protect your cable. Easily store and transport your untethered in our snug fit bag, which will take up hardly any room in the boot of your car. Or neatly wrap your tethered charge cable around our cable holder to keep it safe when not in use.

Need a spare untethered cable? We’ve got you covered on that front too! Browse our range of accessories.